History of New Gideon

New Gideon Baptist Church was founded December 24, 1886 under the leadership of Rev. Ronald Fields. The services were held under an oak tree on Perkins Road and Pickett Street with a congregation of approximately eight members, who worshipped there until they were able to build a one-room building.  The members on the Board of Trustees were:  Jacob Brown, Vallery Rhymes, Smith Washington, Polite Edwards and Wesley Scott.  Rev. Fields served as Pastor from 1886 until his passing in 1907.


In 1908, Rev. John J. Johnson succeeded the late Rev. Fields and the membership increased.  Rev. Johnson served as Pastor until his passing in 1923.


In 1924, Rev. Fred C. Matthews Sr., was elected Pastor, the members on the Board of Deacons were:  Joseph Coleman, Anthony Davis, Joseph Redd, Ruffin Sterling and Lewis Sterling.  It was under the leadership of Rev. Matthews that due to the city expansion and rezoning of the area, the Church began to seek a new location.  The property was sold and the Church services were conducted at the Methodist Church on Valley Street.  The site for the second physical structure was purchased on Balis Drive, February 15, 1946.  The ground breaking ceremonies were not held until June, 1947.  Construction of the Church launched its flight in the spring of 1948, during which time Rev. Matthews passed.  It was for this reason the progress of the construction came to a halt.


In 1949, Rev. Oscar Livous was elected and succeeded Rev. Matthews as Pastor.   Through the tireless efforts of fund-raising committees under Rev. Livous, the new Church was completed, the officers were:  Lillie M. Davis (sec’ty), and the members on the Board of Deacons were:  Johnny Bell, E. Caldwell, Joseph Coleman, Anthony Davis, William Foster, Frank Murphy, David Owens, L. Payne, John Redd, Martin Stewart and Dennis Stewart.  Rev. Livous served as Pastor until the year of 1959.


On November 12, 1959, Rev. John D. Lands was installed and began his leadership to an even larger congregation.  The third 
construction was the enlargement and remodeling of the second building.  This building committee included the following:  Rev. Lands, Leo Davis (financial secretary) Board of Deacons were:  David Owens (sr. chair)Tom Purvis, (chairman) Johnny Bell, Ben Brooks, E. Caldwell, Frank Murphy,  John Redd, Dennis Stewart, Martin Stewart, Roger Wells, Sr., Vance Clark and Willie Wright.  The remodeling construction was completed in March, 1965.


As souls in the Valley Park community began to be fed spiritually, the congregation increased beyond the building’s capacity and there became a need for a larger place of worship.  The property adjacent to the Church was sited and purchased for the physical structure of a new Church.  The ground breaking took place in the spring of 1983, construction started and in 1984, the present New Gideon building was completed.  Through the dreams, toils and success of noble men and women of New Gideon, this fourth
structure was dedicated.

New Gideon quickly developed adequate, viable and spiritually inclined programs, auxiliaries and activities as these entities enhanced the physical and spiritual growth and development of the Church members. Pastor Lands gave birth to a large number of ordained ministers who are now proclaiming God’s Word.  The officers were:  Leo Davis (financial sect’y) Roger Wells, Sr. (treasurer) members of the Board of Deacons were:  John Redd, (chairman) James Gilmore (vice chairman), Tom Purvis, Johnny Bell, Charles Brooks, Robert Chambliss, Lucien Ephron, James Foreman, Nathaniel Gilmore, Frank Murphy, Sr., Jeffrey Jenkins, Sr., Henry Jones, Phillip King, Isaiah Smith, Willie Smothers, Sr., Louis Walker, James Reed, Marlon Lewis and Roger Wells, Sr.  Rev. Lands served faithfully until his death on August 1, 1992.

In April 1993, Rev. Joseph J. Mitchell was elected Pastor.  The Board of Deacons were: Tom Purvis (chairman), Johnny Bell, James Gilmore, Phillip King, John Redd, Willie Smothers, Sr., Donald Pollard, Louis Walker, James Reed, Roger Wells, Sr., Lenard Knighton, Gerald Anthony, and Isaac Parms, Jr.  Rev. Mitchell served faithfully until September 29, 1999.


In the Year 2000, on the first Sunday in July, the Lord blessed us with another Shepherd, Rev. Thomas N. Bessix.  Pastor Bessix shared his vision of the Church along with our mission statement, which reads:  “Our mission is to be a church driven by evangelism, just as that of Jesus Christ to seek and to save that which is lost, our focus is to reach men, women, boys and girls regardless of their current situation.  Our goal is to bring them to Christ, teach them about Christ, and send them out for Christ.  Our determination is to be a Church that strives for excellence through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Under the leadership of Pastor Bessix, the membership has grown and expanded, we have a ministerial staff of 7 licensed ministers, a comprehensive Christian Education ministry,  weekly noon day Bible study, Fulfillment Hour (Sunday School) new members orientation, annual leadership conferences and workshops.  Over 23 active ministries have been developed and a second Sunday worship at 11:00 a.m.

In November 2006, we launched the ground-breaking of our Education Life Center, and moved in on May 9, 2009, with full capacity in all classrooms.  The Church has also established an aggressive evangelism campaign that includes a ministry presence on the World Wide Web (www.newgideonbc.org), Facebook & Twitter that seeks to share good news through social media initiatives.
“For I know the plans I have for you…” Pastor Thomas N. Bessix served as a faithful pastor, teacher and Valley Park advocate until May 3, 2015, when he answered the call of Senior Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas.
Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”  Reverend Brandon D. Collins  was called as Senior Pastor to New Gideon Baptist Church on Sunday, February 7, 2016. He preached his first sermon as Senior Pastor on the first Sunday, March 6, 2016.
New Gideon has always stood at the forefront of service to the community.  Its history is rich with men and women who have responded to the call to serve.  God has moved in a mighty way to work through this Church and others to develop ministries of helps and service.  Although the founders have passed on, we pay special tribute to them each year, and to all who were instrumental in the growth and development of this New Gideon Baptist Church.
Loving God, Loving One Another, Loving the Lost